Not Every Firm Can Find the Right Insights in Polling Data

You conduct public opinion research for a purpose. You want to affect the behavior of a defined population. To take action or abstain from action, as the result of attitudinal change or information reception. We help our clients achieve that goal.

Our work has three essential phases: the design of the research, the collection of the data, and the analysis of the data and the crafting of an action plan based on that analysis. And even though the purpose of doing research is to arrive at an effective action plan, that third phase is often the most neglected.

We are not the only opinion research firm that can write a questionnaire or focus group discussion guide. Other firms can competently interview respondents, either by telephone, online, or face-to-face. But those firms that do a really good job of the third phase – of wringing every possible insight from the data though sophisticated statistical analysis and drawing-out all of the implications from those insights – these firms are few and far between. QEV Analytics is such a firm; this is what we do.


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Steven Wagner's Catholic Voter Research
For Crisis Magazine

With the November 1998 issue, Crisis Magazine launched its unprecedented analysis of the Catholic vote in America ("Mind of the Catholic Voter," by Robert Novak). The central question tackled by that research was whether political conservatives have any reasonable expectation of attracting a majority of Catholic votes at the polls.

This question was provoked by the observation that Catholics seemed not to be treading the path of Christians - namely the born-again, fundamentalist, and evangelical Christians - into more conservative habits of voting.


While the methodologies of public opinion research are applicable to most any subject area, because of our emphasis on analysis we specialize in these topical areas:

American Political Campaigns and Public Policy Advocacy -- We have long experience, as individuals and collectively, in crafting political strategies from public opinion research, both for candidates and causes. We understand the American electorate and we know how to craft effective political communications to achieve attitude change. Having worked with many political figures, we also know how to talk to legislators to make the most persuasive case in the language they know and understand best.

The High Technology Sector -- Public attitudes toward and their consumption of telecommunications, computing and internet services and equipment. This specialization also encompasses public attitudes toward technology in general and the deregulation of these industries. Our recent resarch has also covered the deregulation of electricity generation.

International Research -- In the past year, we have conducted surveys in Ghana, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. What we offer clients such as the World Bank, the US Agency for International Development, and multinational corporations is both our expertise in overcoming the hurdles of doing research in developing countries, and a sophisticated, empirically-grounded analysis of a country¡¯s political situation and dynamics (including risk analysis).

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