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Who We Are

companyYou conduct public opinion research for a purpose. You want to affect the behavior of a defined population. To take action or abstain from action, as the result of attitudinal change or information reception. We help our clients achieve that goal.

Our work has three essential phases: the design of the research, the collection of the data, and the analysis of the data and the crafting of an action plan based on that analysis. And even though the purpose of doing research is to arrive at an effective action plan, that third phase is often the most neglected.

We are not the only opinion research firm that can write a questionnaire or focus group discussion guide. Other firms can competently interview respondents, either by telephone, online, or face-to-face. But those firms that do a really good job of the third phase – of wringing every possible insight from the data though sophisticated statistical analysis and drawing-out all of the implications from those insights – these firms are few and far between. QEV Analytics is such a firm; this is what we do.

Contact QEV

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